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Music In Film - Live Masterclass (Online)

This masterclass will allow you to better understand the process of making music for film. You will learn the role of the composer and their direct relationship with the creative team, how to approach a screenplay, and the production of an original score for film.



4 weeks

August 3, 2020

15 students max

Image by Rob Simmons


Course: ONLINE

Meeting Times: Wednesdays 7:00pm CST

Classes : 4

Duration per session: 1.5 hrs

Platform: ZOOM

Class 1 (Week 1)

-Making a film

- Stages of a film

-The Creative Team (who is who?)

-Ways in which music and sound have been added to film

Class 2 (Week 2)

-Writing music for film

-Uses of music, types of music

-Why music?

- 5 W's

-Famous Filmscores


Class 3 (Week 3) The Composer I

-Preparation, team, duties, budgets


-Home Studio

-Libraries & Live Instruments / DAW

Class 4 (Week 4) The Composer II

-Practical ways to scoring a film

-Suites, Themes, Cues

-Royalties, Copyright, Payments

-Final Assignment - SCORE A SCENE!

Orchestra Conductor on Stage
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